General Information Edit

This Wikia page is all about Jalpro's Star wars roleplay game on the creation platform of ROBLOX! Nothing better than to create a page about your character and their lifestyle to learn about how they may or may not use the force.

There are a variety of character in which many come from the Boa and the players who are with him. An Example of a character played by Boa is Gol, who is Boa's favorite character. This site will allow you to add your own character, just not to abuse the privileges you have. This article is mostly for "Star Wars: The Renewal" in which is a private role play server for our stories, our stories are later written on here.

The Plot Edit

Star Wars: The Renewal takes place from the Clone Wars to present day Foretold Times/ Forgotten Memories Era. In this Era we see an old Grandmaster Jedi, who is to teach a new apprentice due the new Galactic First Order, Zon Kord was a survivor of Order 66 along with Renick Bholis in which later on he finds out. Renick was his partner during the clone wars, they taught each other how to fight, (of course under Jedi Master supervision, and permission). Many many years later did Renick find out his friend would have to regain him to the ways of the force.